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So-Cal Ponds was founded under the principle that water gardening should be enjoyable and relaxing to the mind. We take pride in the relationships that we build with our clients and in providing them with quality service and since 1999 we have been doing just that. With our many years of experience we have learned what it takes to keep a pond clean and appealing to the eye. We believe in using a natural approach to help your pond or landscape thrive. We come with a simple approach; correct the problem rather than treat the symptom.

We are a California Licensed Landscape Contractor therefore we are able to design, build, maintain and repair your dream pond or landscape. From our company’s conception we strive to provide the best design, construction and maintenance of high quality koi ponds and water-gardens possible.

So-Cal Ponds has been in the industry since the spring of 1999 and has seen a lot come and go over the years and we know what works and what is a waste of time. Recently our crew has teamed up with several other pond contractors who share ideas, tricks and help one another design ultimate koi ponds and water gardens. We use only the highest quality materials when creating a water feature or landscape… you won’t see any “pond in a box kits” here.

We can design and build you a custom hybrid koi pond with advanced filtration, a natural water garden, a pondless water feature or your complete dream landscape.

If you are interested in a having us design and build your dream water feature or landscape please visit our Design page.