Fall To-Do List

With the seasons changing, we should prepare ourselves with new maintenance checks for our lawn.

The sudden shift from warm weather to cool, causes your routine to change and that goes for your yard work also.

You can start with trimming your trees, especially oak trees. This will be very beneficial for your yards.

you also should trim any of your big plants such as your shrub and various flowers.

you just need to keep it well in check and not forget about it!

you also can add low-voltage lighting and lights fixtures around your yard. there are many benefits of this such as security and safety for when it starts to get darker earlier. it really transforms your yard at night!

with this cold weather, it would be a great time to add roughly 4-6 inches of mulch to your planter beds. The mulch helps soil health and the general ecosystem. While doing this, you are watering up to 30% less.

overall, this will insulate the soil as in keeping it cool in the summer and keeping it warm during the cold season.

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