Our Work

So-Cal Ponds Inc. has built many koi ponds, water gardens and other water features over the years. Whether it is a large koi pond, water garden or a small rock fountain, we love what we do and our team would love to design and build one for you.

Water Gardens

Water gardens have little to no filtration equipment. They are low maintenance ponds that rely on mother nature to manage water quality in addition to aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria. Simple water gardens require simple weekly maintenance and usually an annual draining in order to thoroughly clean the gravel on the floor of the pond. These pond are usually 18′ to 24″ deep. Not recommended for larger fish.

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds’ design is to showcase Koi fish while creating a well filtered environment that does not require an annual drain. This pond requires added filtration technology including added bottom drains or under-gravel suction grids, in addition to the skimmers and an external pump and biological filter. These advanced filtration ponds require weekly maintenance, but no annual drain and clean out, so they look beautiful all year round!

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are extremely low maintenance, energy efficient, they are a great option for both small and large outdoor spaces and can attract a variety of wildlife. A pondless waterfall is simply a re-circulating waterfall or stream without the presence or maintenance of a pond. You can easily add a pond to your waterfall later on, if you decide that you’d like to keep some fish and enjoy a larger variety of aquatic plants.