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Welcome to SoCal Ponds, your premier expert in large-scale landscape and pond design and construction, serving Pasadena, La Crescenta, Glendale, Burbank, Shadow Hills, Tujunga, and La Canada. At SoCal Ponds, we specialize in transforming your outdoor spaces with innovative and sustainable landscape construction solutions tailored to the unique climates and aesthetics of Southern California. Whether you're looking for a serene pond design to enhance your backyard oasis or a complete landscape renovation, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We pride ourselves on meticulous pond construction and maintenance services that ensure longevity and beauty. Trust us to handle your next big project with precision and creativity, making your outdoor dreams a reality right in the heart of your community.

Landscape Construction
At SoCal Ponds, our expertise in landscape construction is unmatched, particularly for large-scale projects across Pasadena, La Crescenta, and beyond. We understand the local climate and topographical challenges unique to Southern California, allowing us to offer bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed your landscaping needs. From drought-resistant plantings to intricate hardscaping, our projects are designed to be as sustainable as they are beautiful, ensuring that your outdoor space thrives in all conditions.

Pond Construction 
Our pond construction services are rooted in a deep understanding of both aesthetics and functionality. We have completed numerous prestigious pond projects throughout Glendale, Burbank, and Shadow Hills, each tailored to the specific needs and desires of our clients. Using only the highest quality materials, we ensure that each pond is a perfect blend of natural beauty and long-lasting durability, designed to be the centerpiece of your garden.

Landscape Design 
In landscape design, SoCal Ponds excels at creating harmonious outdoor settings that cater to the expansive properties of areas like Tujunga and La Canada. Our design process involves close collaboration with you to ensure that every element of your landscape is planned with precision, from plant selection to layout. Our professional designs aim to enhance the natural beauty of your property, while achieving functional goals such as privacy, accessibility, and environmental sustainability.

Pond Design 
Our approach to pond design focuses on customization and integration with your overall landscape plan. Whether you are looking for a tranquil koi pond or a modern water feature, our designs are crafted to complement your existing landscape and reflect your personal style. We consider every detail, from the placement of rocks and water plants to the type of filtration system, to create a stunning and manageable pond that enhances your outdoor living space

Pond Maintenance 
Maintaining a pond is essential for preserving its beauty and functionality, which is why SoCal Ponds offers comprehensive pond maintenance services. Regular maintenance ensures the health of the aquatic ecosystem, clarity of the water, and durability of the pond’s infrastructure. Our services in areas from the 134 to the 5, through Tujunga back to La Canada, ensure that your pond remains a focal point of beauty and relaxation for years to come.
Following an initial consultation, our team of project managers and designers will strive to find the perfect design that meet our client’s requests and transforms their landscape.
We have a dedicated construction crew, which allows us to handle clients’ requests quickly and effectively on new and existing projects.

In all stages from conception to action, our team is dedicated to ensuring that our projects result in the sustainability of your yard or pond.

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Ponds & Water Features

With over 24 years of experience, So-Cal Ponds is a distinguished leader in the pond and landscape industry. Based in Tujunga, CA, and licensed as a California landscape construction contractor, we specialize in the design, construction, and maintenance of bespoke koi ponds, water gardens, and innovative "pond-less" water features. Each of our creations is crafted to be low maintenance and environmentally friendly, providing a serene retreat for both you and the local wildlife. Our designs are not just beautiful; they're sustainable havens that invite tranquility into any landscape.
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Our landscaping philosophy is deeply rooted in principles that emphasize environmental stewardship, durability, and regeneration. By incorporating native and well-adapted plants, alongside robust materials, we construct landscapes that are not only sustainable but are designed to thrive over time. These thoughtful choices allow us to create vibrant, healthy environments that fulfill our vision of delivering enriching outdoor experiences. Each landscape we design is a testament to our commitment to ecological integrity and aesthetic value, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.
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Consultation & Education

At So-Cal Ponds, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in landscape and pond design through ongoing collaboration with a network of elite landscape designers, water feature contractors, and pond enthusiasts. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project is executed flawlessly to meet our clients' unique needs. We offer comprehensive consultations across both water features and landscape projects, backed by a diverse team of experts specializing in various aspects of design and construction. Whether you're envisioning a tranquil garden pond or a robust landscape renovation, our specialists are equipped to bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.
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Why Work with So-Cal Ponds?

We believe that education is the key to a successful project. Unfortunately, many homeowners fall victim to "contractors" who arrive in their flashy trucks, promise the moon, quote a seemingly reasonable price, and walk away with a signed contract. What homeowners don’t realize is that these poorly constructed ponds can end up costing them thousands of dollars extra each year.

Why, you ask? Because these ponds may require costly annual draining and cleaning, frequent replacement of filter media, or inefficient equipment that either needs replacement within 5-10 years or is too expensive to run continuously.

At So-Cal Ponds, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive information from the moment you contact us. We take the time to explain our construction methods and goals for your pond, ensuring you understand how we create durable and efficient water features. Scheduling a design consultation with our team will be a valuable investment, helping you avoid the pitfalls of subpar pond construction.

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We provide pond design and construction services as well as assistance for do-it-yourselfers and pond repairs.
While some contractors will leave you with unforeseen costs, we provide you with as much information as we can to help you understand the construction methods and costs involved short and long term.
CA Landscape License C-27 # 991368After 15 years of working in the pond industry, we've developed an advanced network of other top-notch water feature contractors and pond enthusiasts to keep our skills and education top-notch.
We have dedicated crews to both maintenance and construction, which allows us to quickly and effectively handle clients' requests.


We can help you build your dream pond!


Pond Construction: Then and Now

For years, ponds were constructed primarily with cement and a few large boulders, relying on a mainline water source to serve as the waterfall. This approach was suitable for pre-1980 ponds. However, today's ponds are generally made using a rubber EPDM liner, covered with stone and gravel. This gives them the appearance of a water garden, rather than a traditional koi pond—an accurate assessment, reflecting a shift towards a more natural and integrated design.

Blending Natural Aesthetics with Koi Ponds

Let's face it, homeowners in So-Cal desire the natural look of a stream or mountain pond—something reminiscent of what they might encounter on a weekend hike. At the same time, they seek the serenity brought by beautiful koi fish in their pond.

This need has led to a blend of koi ponds and water gardens. Using a combination of techniques and construction methods, we build stunning water features that integrate both styles seamlessly, allowing everything to flow harmoniously.

Designing Natural and Sustainable Ponds

Over the past 20 years, we've met with thousands of homeowners, and most share the same vision: a pond that looks natural, blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, supports both plants and aquatic life, and is easy to maintain.

Thanks to our extensive experience and collaboration with dozens of pond contractors across the country, So-Cal Ponds designs, constructs, and maintains water features that fulfill all these requests while avoiding constant financial drains. Our expertise allows us to create sustainable, beautiful ponds and water gardens that provide lasting enjoyment for homeowners and aquatic life alike.


  • A beautiful pond with rocks and grass
  • A beautiful pond with rocks and grass
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  • So Cal Ponds
    So Cal Ponds
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