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So-Cal Ponds, Inc. has been in business since 1999 offering good advice and repairs for many issues. All too often we get phone calls and emails with a concerned pond owner on the other end with a leaking pond, cracked waterfall, or a pump which is not working. We've seen it all.
Often times an older pond may need to be upgraded to a better filtration system or have a new energy-efficient pump installed. We have the tools and knowledge to fix just about anything in your pond environment. We can repair cracked and leaking cement ponds, torn or damaged pond liners, waterfall leaks, leaks near your skimmer or filter caused by roots as seen in this picture.
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These roots have taken over the weir on this water fall filter box If the pond area was not properly prepared before the waterfall was constructed this area may settle and cause leaks or damage to the pond liner. Having seen the same problems time and time again we have developed an "eye" to quickly spot the problem area and having made these repairs many times we have the knowledge to correct it. Perhaps your pond and its equipment is a little outdated and should be replaced with a new energy-efficient pump or a larger, easier to clean filter to handle your growing fish like the Ultima II biological filter. We stock a wide variety of pond products from different manufactures such as PondMAX, Savio, Aqua Ultraviolet, Atlantic, and many other brands to suit your pond's needs. If your pond was built in the last 10 years chances are it was installed with a "waterfall filter". I used quotations because most waterfall filters are not the most efficient in filtering fish waste. We have replaced waterfall filters with a completely different type of filter and have had great success in keeping the pond clean. On most ponds we can install a new life support system in just one day and your pond will be on its way to being cleaning and clearer than ever before. In the last ten years there have been many great innovations in pumps and other equipment to help conserve electricity. If you have an older pond it may be equipped with a pool style pump or a high head pump which consumes considerably more energy. A simple consultation with a few measurements is all that's needed and we will be able to design and recommend a new filtration system using an energy conserving pump and YOU can begin saving money the very next day… ask us how. Perhaps you just want your pond spruced up a bit and have a few things changed. Every year about 50% of our pond related work is repairing or updating existing water features. We have the experience and skills to completely redesign and rebuild your pond, lengthen and update your waterfall, add new lighting, change the coping edge, add a bog filter… whatever you want we can do it.


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