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Pond & Landscape Repair

Know Our Pond Repair Services

So-Cal Ponds, Inc. has been in business since 1999 offering good advice and repairs for many issues. All too often we get phone calls and emails with a concerned pond owner on the other end with a leaking pond, cracked waterfall, or a pump which is not working. We’ve seen it all.

Often times an older pond may need to be upgraded to a better filtration system or have a new energy-efficient pump installed. We have the tools and knowledge to fix just about anything in your pond environment.

We can repair cracked and leaking cement ponds, torn or damaged pond liners, waterfall leaks, leaks near your skimmer or filter caused by roots as seen in this picture.

So Cal Ponds
So Cal Ponds
These roots have taken over the weir on this water fall filter box
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