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Important Questions You Should Ask Your Landscape Contractor

"Ten Questions that you should you ask your contractor before considering them for your project"

Before hiring a contractor for your pond or landscape project, ask these critical questions to avoid potential disappointments and ensure high-quality workmanship. Based in Southern California, So-Cal Ponds, Inc. adheres strictly to California's State Laws and regulations, emphasizing the importance of these inquiries.

1. Licensing and Certification:

Are you a licensed landscape contractor specializing in pond construction and design? May I see a copy of your contractor's license?
- Ensure the contractor can provide a legitimate license. Unlicensed activity risks penalties and poor workmanship.

2. Guarantee of Workmanship:

What guarantees do you offer on your pond construction workmanship?
- California law requires a one-year guarantee on all workmanship and materials. Verify that your contractor follows this law to protect your investment.

3. Contractual Rights:

If I have second thoughts after signing a pond design contract, what are my rights?
- You're entitled to a full refund if you cancel within three days, as per California's cooling-off rule.

4. Insurance Verification:

Do you have proof of Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance?
- Proper insurance protects you from liability if an accident occurs on your property.

5. Project Timeline:

How long will the pond construction take to complete?
- A proficient pond construction team should complete a standard pond efficiently with minimal disruption.

6. Pond Ecosystem Maintenance:

Will my pond ecosystem circulate 24 hours per day?
- Constant circulation is crucial for maintaining a healthy pond environment.

7. Construction Materials:

Do you plan to use concrete or a rubber liner?
- Modern ponds favor rubber liners for their flexibility and natural appearance over concrete.

8. Proof of Expertise:

Can I see your design portfolio and any testimonials?
- Reviewing past work and client feedback ensures you choose a contractor with a proven track record.

9. Consultation Fees:

Do you charge for design consultations or provide FREE estimates? - Expect to pay for detailed on-site consultations, which should be offset against the contract price if you proceed.

10. Specialization and Experience:

As a landscape contractor, do you specialize in waterscapes and have a background in pond design and aquatic life care?
- Specialization is key. Ensure they have recent and extensive experience in pond and water garden construction.

To connect with a pond-landscape design specialist in your area or to discuss your project with one of our experts, call us at (818) 541-9944. If you're outside our service area, we can refer you to a trusted pond construction specialist from our nationwide network.


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