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Recommended Filter Service: Ultima II


Know Our Filter Service Ultima

Ultima filters are a great filter for any sized pond. We install and service many filters on every style of pond. With regular maintenance and backwashing these filter should be fairly clean and operate at peak performance. It is with our experience that these filter greatly benefit from a yearly "filter service". The filter service on an Ultima II Filter includes removing the filter multi port valve, inspecting O-rings, breaking up floating media, cleaning the laterals, inspecting the check valve, removing sand or sludge build up and finally backwashing the filter.Just about every pond is in a backyard with soil, grass and plants around it. Over time sand or soil makes its way into the pond and eventually into the filter. The small particles of sand are too large to pass through the slots in the laterals and eventually become permanently lodged in these slots, reducing water-flow. Backwashing the filter will not remove the lodged sand particles. Once the slots become clogged with sand or other debris such as snails or leaf matter the flow of water will be drastically reduced. This will lead to new issues other than just low water flow. Some issues will occur are: poor oxygenation of water, lack of proper filtration, inadequate skimming, sediment buildup, algae blooms (both string algae and green water) additional wear on the pump and less of that wonderful waterfall sound.We find that the filter service should be performed at least once a year on most ponds with a medium fish load. Ponds that are under filtered or have a heavy debris load may need to have the filters serviced more often.Please call for details and pricing or contact us using our contact us form.


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