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Pond & Water Feature Maintenance

No matter who built your pond or what kind of filter was installed, your pond is going to need some sort of maintenance. Whether it be a yearly cleaning, weekly or bi-weekly, maintenance is a must. We have heard many stories where the homeowner was told at the original consultation that “all you have to do is this and that once, maybe twice a year.” With over 15 years of experience performing pond maintenance and maintaining other water features we have NEVER seen a pond or water feature that did not need regular maintenance. We offer twice a month, weekly, twice a week (or more) and on rare occasions, a monthly visit. Prices vary depending on many factors, like equipment, pond size, design, fish load and surrounding landscape.

We service koi ponds, water gardens and fountains.

So-Cal Ponds, Inc.’s staff is knowledgeable and experienced with traditional koi pond filtration, settlement chambers, gravel, bead, and sand filters.
We are also current with newer major systems such as AquaScape Designs, Atlantic, Helix, Oase, Savio, Matala, Ultima and PondSweep.

  • Cleaning and inspection of pump and basket
  • Cleaning and inspection of skimmer net/basket
  • Skimming top and bottom of pond for leaves and debris
  • Trimming and fertilization of aquatic plants
  • Fish health inspection
  • Adding water and any needed additives like beneficial bacteria, dechlorinator or algaecides
  • Inspection of pond, equipment, streams or waterfall for potential leaks
If you are interested in a free maintenance quote, please use our contact page or give us a call at (818) 541-9944 and someone will be in touch shortly.
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Some Of The Free Benefits Of Weekly Services

  • Regular removal of debris in skimmers, ponds surface and pump baskets
  • Inspection and replacement of UV lights*
  • Backwashing of filtration system
  • Free delivery of plants, livestock, additives and anything else purchased from So-Cal Ponds, Inc.
  • UV light maintenance/bulb replacement**
  • Under water light maintenance/bulb replacement**
  • Free 30 minute “Emergency Service Call” every six months
  • With regular maintenance we can stay ahead of any issues that may arise. Some ponds are designed so well the pond may only need service twice a month.
* UV light must be purchased before it is installed
** up to four MR 16 20 watt replacement bulbs a year. LED not included

We stock many items you may need or want for your pond, like additional underwater lights, quality koi food, additives and aquatic plants. We grow most of our own aquatic plants and with regular maintenance we are happy to drop these items off on our next visit. Please call for availability. You can also visit our online store, maintenance clients choose “Local Pickup” for free delivery!


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