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16 August 2023

Eligibility Requirements for California's Cash for Grass Program

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16 August 2023 

California's Cash for Grass program presents an excellent opportunity for homeowners to replace water-demanding lawns with water-efficient landscapes. Participants for this program may take advantage of the program's incentives and rebates by understanding the specific qualifications and criteria. Read on to learn about the eligibility requirements and become part of this state-sponsored initiative.

Residential Property Ownership

To be eligible for the Cash for Grass program. Participants must own a residential property in California where the lawn is being replaced. This initiative is primarily aimed at single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. It allows homeowners and renters (with the property owner's consent) to participate. By offering rebates for grass removal and providing water-wise landscaping incentives. The Cash for Grass program encourages the adoption of water-efficient landscaping practices. This includes opting for xeriscaping by installing drought-resistant turf and implementing low-water gardens, as a way of conserving resources.

Water Agency Coverage

Eligibility for the Cash for Grass program depends on the water agency coverage of the residential property. Participants must reside within the jurisdiction of a participating water agency or district in California. Each agency or district may have specific program guidelines and requirements that differ from others. Homeowners should contact their local water agency or district to verify coverage, eligibility, and the particular incentives offered. The turf rebate program and native plant garden rebates are a few available.

Existing Lawn Area

One of the crucial requirements for the Cash for Grass program is the removal and replacement of the existing live turf or lawn. Homeowners must replace the water-demanding grass with drought-tolerant landscaping options. Participants are encouraged to convert their lawns into low water-use plants, native vegetation, or hardscape features. The program offers cash incentives for grass removal, making the transition to water-efficient landscapes more affordable. The rebate amount may vary based on the square footage of the converted lawn area with a set minimum quantity to be met.

Live Turf Removal

To qualify for the Cash for Grass program, participants must complete the live turf removal process in compliance to the program guidelines. Homeowners must remove the existing grass entirely before proceeding with the installation of the drought-tolerant landscape. The program emphasizes the importance of sustainable gardening practices and the reduction of water demand. By choosing to participate in the Cash for Grass initiative, homeowners may apply for residential grass removal rebates to offset the costs associated with the landscape transformation. California also provides turf replacement rebates to incentivize water conservation efforts.

Drought-Tolerant Landscape Installation

Installing a drought-tolerant landscape is an essential requirement for the Cash for Grass program. Homeowners must design their new landscapes to incorporate water-efficient elements. This includes selecting native plants that require less water, implementing efficient irrigation systems such as drip irrigation or smart controllers, and utilizing mulching techniques to retain moisture in the soil. By complying with these guidelines, participants can create sustainable gardens that conserve water and reduce maintenance costs.

Compliance with Program Guidelines

Participants must prioritize adherence and compliance to program guidelines established by the water agency or district. To ensure eligibility, homeowners must familiarize themselves with the water agency guidelines, which outline specific regulations and requirements. The program mandates the submission of all required documentation, including landscape design specifications, receipts for materials or services, and any other relevant documentation. Moreover, participants should know that on-going maintenance obligations and landscaping specifications may be part of their long-term maintenance commitments.

Documentation and Application Process

To apply for the Cash for Grass program, homeowners must follow the documentation and application process outlined by the water agency or district. This typically involves completing an application form, submitting the required documents, and verifying program eligibility. Participants should carefully review the instructions their local water agency provided and ensure the accurate submission of all required documentation. Following the completion, homeowners can proceed with the rebate claim process to receive their Cash for Grass incentives.


Understanding the eligibility requirements for California's Cash for Grass program will help homeowners take advantage of the incentives and rebates offered. Ensure ownership of a residential property, determine water agency coverage, remove existing live turf, install a water-efficient landscape, comply with program guidelines, and complete the documentation and application process to participate in this beneficial program.

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