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17 February 2014


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17 February 2014 

How could twenty dollars save you thousands, you ask? Ill tell you. But first let me tell you a few things about your pond and fish.

We all know that fish prefer healthy, clean and chemical free water. Fish breathe through gills which provide oxygen by flushing water through their gills. When water is filled with toxins they too pass through the gills and are absorbed by the fish. If the toxin levels are high, it can cause irreversible damage to the fish and possibly lead to death. Whether it’s just topping off your pond or a major water change, it  is highly recommended to add a dehlorinator additive to the pond whenever you add water.

Almost all city water in So-Cal is treated with chloramine which is a form of chlorine which is highly toxic to fish along with much other wildlife. If you add less than one percent of your total pond volume chances are it will not effect your fish.

If you add one percent per hour for many hours it will effect your fish and eventually lead to the death of your fish. Chlorine harms fish by burning their gills and preventing the gills from obtaining oxygen… Eventually “suffocating” the fish. I have seen this happen all to often. The home owner decides to add water to their pond and turns the hose on high and walks away. If they are like most of us they get sidetracked pulling weeds or planting other plants in the landscape and totally forget about the hose only to come back hours later to a bleached pond and floating fish. At this point there is not much that can be done…. BUT if you catch the hose before the damage has been done you can save the fish and the pond ecosystem by adding dehlorinator. An inexpensive container of dehlorinator can save you thousands  of dollars by not having to replace your fish. By adding just a few tablespoons of dehlorinator you will instantly neutralize any chlorine in the water and prevent major damage to the fish.

Changing a large portion of the pond’s water has potential consequences.  I mentioned “bleaching of the pond” which is a term used when the water has been left on and “bleaches” the algae and everything in the pond a white color. That fine soft layer of dark green algae aka bio film that was coating the rocks and liner, which help keep the pond balanced is now dead. If that algae is dead so is the beneficial bacteria on the surface area of the pond and in your filter. This is a worst case scenario.  At this point you may want to consider any upgrades you have been wanting to make to the pond. If no upgrades are in the future it is recommended to of course remove the “expired” fish and treat the pond with dehlorinator and beneficial bacteria before adding any new pond inhabitants.

So how can 20 bucks save you thousands? Simple, just by purchasing a container of dehlorinator and keeping it on hand for an emergency like leaving the hose on for several hours thus saving all your beloved koi, goldfish and turtles.

Its no fun to come home and see all your fish floating and water running across the patio.


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