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15 November 2015


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15 November 2015 

Introduction to “Filter February”

There are many parts to a pond’s filtration system: the pump, skimmer, filter, auto fill, filter media, aerator and U.V. lights. With a regular maintenance program, all of these items are routinely serviced such as backwashing or cleaning the filter media, removing debris from the skimmers, skimming and removing leaves and other debris from the pond. But just like with an automobile, eventually you will need additional items serviced or replaced such as the vehicle’s belts and hoses. In the same sense, your pond’s filtration system will also eventually need extra attention above and beyond our regular maintenance.

So-Cal Ponds, Inc. has always been committed to ensuring that each client receives that extra attention the pond needs, but having an expanding maintenance clientele has made it increasingly difficult for us to keep track of which ponds have received that attention and when. For example, which filter has been opened up and cleaned or which UV light has been replaced or which aerator has been rebuilt. Rather than try to juggle everyone’s different component issues at different times throughout the year, we’ve decided to lump this particular type of filter service into one month each year, hence the introduction of “Filter February”.

The Elements of “Filter February”

February is the new month in which we will focus on everything filters. This is a great time to make sure that your filter is working properly and to replace or fix any item that needs attention. Your filter may need to be opened up and cleaned, filter pads replaced, your pump inspected or your UV light replaced.

Keeping your filter components dialed in is extremely important in ensuring that your equipment will operate at its peak performance and that your pond will be as healthy as possible.

We hope that “Filter February” will ensure that each and every pond gets the additional attention it needs and will help us to be more thorough in providing you with the best service possible. This also helps you, the client, to know exactly what to expect from us each year.

*If you are a regular maintenance client we will be performing this service at the start of the year. If you are not a regular maintenance client and would like our “filter service” we would be happy to inspect your filter items.

The following explains what we will be looking for throughout “Filter February”:


Skimmers are a vital part of every pond and should be kept in good working order as they are usually the first line of filtration on a pond and often the only means of filtration.  The skimmer should be inspected for leaks around the face-plate and potential leaks in the plumbing. Check valves may fail and need to be replaced to ensure proper flow.  Skimmer nets or baskets may be cracked or worn and must be replaced to properly contain leaf matter. If your pond has a skimmer net, we suggest replacing it yearly as well as replacing any filter media or filter mats that may be located inside the skimmer.


Pumps are one of the most important components of any pond. Pond pumps are what circulate the water in the pond and are what allows the water to be filtered and oxygenated. If the water feature pump fails it will cause a chain reaction which can potentially cause harm to the pond, such as the pond not being filtered, no oxygen added to the water, fish suffocating, failure to collect debris and collapse of the beneficial bacteria colonies located throughout the ecosystem. Something as simple as replacing the pumps skimmer basket could be all that is needed, but it is always best to have your pump inspected and any small items replaced or repaired before they become a big issue.


A ponds’ filter is without a doubt the most important component of any pond. As we know, the main function of the pond filter is to trap and remove debris and sediment from the water.

Even with regular weekly maintenance a pond filter may need a little extra care. There are many style types of filtration systems ranging from filters with a few filter pads, some with sand and gravel or floating media to complex systems which may have multiply styles of filtration. Which ever style you may have it will at some point need to be taken apart and serviced.  The filter we see the most is an Ultima II filter. These filters need to be serviced at least once a year. You can read more about this filter here.

Ultraviolet Light Filtration:

Ultraviolet lights are a common filtration unit we see installed on many ponds. The filter works by moving water over an Ultraviolet light which kills off algae and can even sterilize the water. It is suggested that U.V. lamps be replaced every 14 months of continuous use and that the quartz sleeve be cleaned or replaced at this time. Occasionally, the U.V. ballast will need to be replaced to ensure optimum operation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment and I will respond ASAP.

If you are not already a regular maintenance client and would like to schedule this service please use our “contact us” page to send us an email.

*Clients will be billed additionally for this service.


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