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12 May 2022

It's Spring - What's happening to my Pond?

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12 May 2022 

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What causes it:

The sunshine and warm weather are perfect growing conditions; The excessive nutrients in the pond, lack of oxygen or an imbalanced ecosystem also play a part in the growth of algae.

Algae treatments:

One should maintain a natural healthy system, removing organic matter such as leaves, fish waste, uneaten food, dead aquatic life, will all help limit the amount of nutrients the algae will have to grow on.

The skimmer should be checked and emptied, along with the pump being checked and regularly maintained. Filtration system should be cleaned and serviced to maintain proper water flow.








Plant Growth

How does it work:

As the weather warms up, so will the water. Plants will start growing very quickly in your pond, so it is important to maintain it before it gets out of control.

Remove any dead leaves or plants from your pond as soon as possible. Plants make a great addition to your existing filtration system. All the debris your pond has accumulated over winter has settled at the bottom, and when temperatures rise you will see algae bloom due to this excess organic matter! Don’t wait till your pond is full of algae, hire a pond professional to perform a much-needed spring clean-out on your pond.

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Fish Spawning

What is happening?:

Temperature and time of year matter when it comes to koi breeding. Fish typically spawn when water temperatures are 65° to 70°F.

In many ponds, this usually happens in late spring or early summer between May and June. You should do a spring clean-out to refresh the water and clean out any excessive protein or debris caused by the spawning.


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