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14 May 2016


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14 May 2016 

Are you thinking of having a koi pond, water garden or a pondless water feature installed? Now is the time to give us a call and see what we can do for you. For a limited time, So-Cal Ponds, Inc. is offering FREE POND MAINTENANCE with any new pond construction.

 That’s right, if you have So-Cal Ponds, Inc. design and build a new pond you will receive one months (4 visits*) of free pond maintenance. Every new pond owner could use a little help in the first few weeks with their new pond and we want to do just that. Every pond will go through major changes in the first few months, even the first year, changes which can confuse and frustrate a new pond owner. We want to be there to explain what your pond is going through and help you feel confident in knowing that your pond is on the right track. If you have So-Cal Ponds, Inc. design and build your new pond, then you qualify for this great offer.

By having So-Cal Ponds, Inc. design your pond we can guarantee that the pond will be constructed correctly, whether it be an ecosystem pond, a hybrid ecosystem pond with an under gravel suction grid or a dedicated koi pond. Having us design and install it from the beginning will allow us to ensure that your pond will have adequate filtration for a healthy aquatic ecosystem. We see so many ponds that have been constructed by other pond or landscape companies with inadequate water flow and insufficient filtration which will lead to a pond with sludge buildup, algae issues, green water and sick fish (and of course, an unhappy pond owner).

Once you schedule your Design Consultation, our lead designer (who is also the president/owner) will meet at your residence to discuss with you your design options and will address any concerns, questions and ideas you may have for your proposed water feature. We will go over the various styles and see what best suites your desires. There are many looks and styles of ponds, selecting the ONE style you are looking for is important to us.

Whether it be a koi pond stocked full of beautiful koi fish or a simple water garden with exotic aquatic plants, we will go over the design and build process with you. We will explain the various types of filtration and the benefits of each. We ask you to please take a look at our Design Guide to get you thinking of which style of pond you may want recommended you read.

Whichever size or style of water feature you decide on, So-Cal Ponds, Inc. wants to be the company that brings your dream to a reality.


So-Cal Ponds is here to help.


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