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16 November 2016


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16 November 2016 

Pond Inspection

Through the end of January So-Cal ponds, Inc. is offering a free pond inspection to any residential pond located within a 15 mile radius of our office.  Every pond could greatly benefit from a free pond inspection, this is a good time to discuss any issues or concerns you may have about your pond, equipment or even your fish behavior.

Items that are included in the inspection are:

  • Submersible/external Pump
  • Exposed plumbing
  • External Waterfall Filter – including media
  • Waterfall media and face-plate connection
  • External Pressurized Filter
  • Skimmer net/basket and face-plate connection
  • U.V. light system
  • Aeration pump, lines, and air stones
  • Under water lighting
  • Low Voltage transformer
  • Waterfall and stream edge for leaks, root intrusion or damage
  • Plants – quantity, size and amount

A low section or hole in the liner or a faulty skimmer or waterfall filter face-plate could be a serious issue allowing literally 1,000’s of gallons of water to freely flow into the surrounding soil.  The picture below shows a root that has penetrated the face-plate seal on a waterfall filter. This could be due to faulty hardware or simply invasive roots from nearby tree or plant.  A detailed pond inspection could expose these issues and help save you money and keep your pond healthy.  It is not uncommon for waterfall filters and skimmers to need to be replaced after 7-10 years.

This is often due to faulty connects, roots or poor construction.Having the above items inspected and checked could save you thousands of dollars and hours of stress and worry.  A simple leaking liner or faulty seal on a plumbing connection can amount to 100’s of gallons of water loss in a 24 hour period.  Unnecessary water-loss is not only wasted water but it also makes the chemistry of your pond unbalanced. Unbalanced water chemistry could lead to and unstable pond, fish illness and even fish death.

Pumps and filters are usually cleaned and inspected with regular maintenance and kept in check. However those ponds that are not regularly maintained will often need a little extra help. Intakes on pumps can become clogged with leaves, algae or other debris and should be removed, cleaned and inspected for damage. A clogged pump will have to work harder to produce the required flow which can lead to several issues such as improper filtration, low oxygen levels and poor water circulation.  When  a pump has to work harder it is under more stress and therefore more wear and tear which will lead to premature failure.

Don’t let this happen to your submersible pump or let your external filter look like this. Both of these situations will restrict flow and cause the pond to suffer which could lead to the collapse of an otherwise healthy ecosystem. We have seen many times where this leads to serious issues with the quality of the ponds water.

Call us today to book your Free Pond Inspection before this offer ends.

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