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8 October 2017


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8 October 2017 

So-Cal Ponds Inc. wants to inform you of what we all can do to help stop the spread of mosquito born illnesses!

If you’ve been following the news, you may be aware that there have been a number of recorded cases of West Nile virus in California.
There are no vaccines or cures for West Nile. The only thing we can do is prevent mosquito bites and reproduction to help stop West Nile and Zika Virus from spreading

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Don’t blame your pond!

Many people directly associate mosquito reproduction with water. However, mosquitos breed in stagnant water. Our ponds are properly aerated and constantly flowing! Your pond or water garden is an environment that will naturally deter mosquito breeding. Bacteria, nematodes, other insects, and fish often keep numbers low!

What can you do?

Prevent mosquito bites! This is one of the most important things you can do! Choose the right mosquito repellent. Keep screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitos out. If you’re traveling, check the CDC’s travel recommendations for important updates on West Nile and Zika.Photo obtained from Wiki Commons.

Prevent mosquito reproduction. Make sure you have no water filled receptacles lying around your yards. Mosquitoes can hatch in a week or less, in as little as a half-inch of water! Get rid of still or stagnant water at least weekly. This can prevent mosquitoes from breeding and take a big step toward protecting yourself and your family.

Controlling the egg laying of adult mosquitos can be very difficult. It is much easier to control mosquito larvae. Larvae can’t bite or fly away. They prefer to stay concentrated in shallow water. Water features deeper than 24 inches are difficult for larvae to survive in.

What we can/will do!

Our guys will be carefully inspecting ponds and aquatic plants for mosquito larva. If necessary we will be treating ponds with mosquito dunks (which are nontoxic to wildlife, fish, pets, and humans), and/or adding mosquito fish.

Adding mosquito fish to your ponds is an attractive and effective alternative to insecticides. These small fish require little maintenance. They’re very tolerant to many living conditions. Their mouths are naturally upturned, adapted to consuming mosquito larvae!

So-Cal Ponds maintenance clients get free delivery of mosquito dunks & fish if requested!

If you feel there are mosquitoes in your pond, don’t wait contact us ASAP


So-Cal Ponds is here to help.


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