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7 November 2022

Wheat Germ Food for the Winter

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7 November 2022 

It's time for a change!

Winter months are in full swing & your fish need your attention!

It is very crucial to the health of your fish to feed them correctly during these cold winter months. Since the temperatures will continue to fluctuate, this can add to risks of stress, disease and illness. We recommend you always keep a thermometer handy so you can make the best decisions for your fish such as switching their food or slowing down the feedings all together.

Adding Wheat Germ to Your Fishes’ Diet

Watch for the water temperature to drop to 70°F, at that point your fishes’ regular food should be mixed with a wheat germ base that is lower in protein. With these colder temperatures, the metabolism of koi slows and so does their ability to resist disease.

At around 55°F, reducing its intake requirements is recommended. You should now switch over to a wheat germ formula completely. This type of food offers high nutrition, are fortified with vitamins and minerals to help boost the immune system and help reduce fish waste. Plus, proteins are much harder to digest than other nutrients.

The wheat germ diet can continue to be fed all winter if the water temperature doesn’t get below 50°F. Once the water temperatures go below 50°F, it’s time to stop feeding until spring. At this time the fish’s metabolism is too slow to utilize food.


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