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We were out on a sales call, visiting a homeowner who wanted to build a new pondless water feature. After discussing her desires, we began to talk about access. While doing so, I noticed a large, black stain on her driveway. I asked her what had happened. She exhaled and went on to describe how […]
So Cal Ponds Inc.
28 June 2019 
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So Cal Ponds
Cold Weather and Hungry Fish? I hear all the time from my clients that they are feeding their fish during the winter. I cringe at this statement since fish in the winter rarely need to eat. They may come up to the surface and “tell” you they want to be fed, but in actuality they are just doing […]
So Cal Ponds Inc.
18 December 2013 
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So Cal Ponds
Introducing Utopia on Fox. So-Cal Ponds has been anticipating the debut of this new and exciting reality tv show. No, not because we’re crazed reality tv show fans but because we actually took part in a piece of the set’s construction! We had the opportunity to work with the The Pond Digger, a Southern California […]
So Cal Ponds Inc.
6 September 2014 
So Cal Ponds
NATURALLY DYED EASTER EGGS Ingredients: 1 dozen eggs 1 red beet 1/2 small head of red cabbage 2 tablespoons ground turmeric 3 tablespoons vinegar Container: saucepans, various containersCOOK20 minsREADY IN2 hrsDirections: Hard boil the eggs: put eggs in a saucepan in a single layer, cover by 1/2 to 1-inch cold water and bring to a boil over high […]
So Cal Ponds Inc.
11 April 2020 
Flowering plants
What is drip irrigation? Drip irrigation (also known as micro-irrigation or trickle irrigation), transports low-pressure water to plants through a network of plastic tubes and emitters, delivering it to precise locations in your garden. Some systems may also contain soaker hoses, which release water along their entire lengths. Because of the low flow and low […]
So Cal Ponds Inc.
31 July 2018 
Summer is on its way and that means longer nights! Lets light up your backyards! Professional outdoor landscape lighting or low voltage lighting, adds beauty, character, and safety to your home. Path lights, accent lights and deck lights enhance the unique home’s outdoor lighting style. This also offers the functionality and peace of mind of […]
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15 March 2023 


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